About This Project

Invited talks

The happiness of employees in the changing world, PwC Women -event (for 300 Finnish leaders), Helsinki 2021.

Onnellisuuden johtaminen työssä ja elämässä, The Finnish Dutch Chamber of Commerce, the Netherlands, October 2020.

Citizens’ positive safety perceptions in public spaces in Rotterdam. Bessensap (event combining media and academics), Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 2019.

Happiness and safety in Rotterdam, Finse Huis, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 2019.

Show me what makes you feel safe in Rotterdam, Science Hotel & Science Open, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 2018.

Happiness and migration, Finse Huis, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 2018.

Invited lectures

Talk on ‘Under the pressure of happiness’, and a panel discussant at the Social Psychology Conference 2021. Panel theme: The multiple angles of wellbeing. Helsinki 2021.

Workshop series (4x) on Narrative portraits in qualitative research, with Dr Edgar Rodriquez-Dorans, Scottish Graduate School of Social Sciences, 2021

Guest lecture: Behind the happiness mask at work, course on The business of happiness, National University of Singapore Business School, March 2020

Guest lecture: Happiness as a shared responsibility, course on Mental wellness, CAPT, National University of Singapore, March 2020 & October 2020, (x3).

Master’s tea: The happiness mask, CAPT, National University of Singapore, March 2020

Workshop: Happiness at work, course on The pursuit of happiness, CAPT, National University of Singapore, March 2020

Guest lecture: Happiness at work, course on Leadership & Career Development, Tilburg University, September 2020.

MOOC videos

Looking through the positive safety lenshttps://www.coursera.org/lecture/international-security-management/looking-through-the-positive-safety-lens-dZoK4

Safety perceptions in public spaceshttps://www.coursera.org/lecture/international-security-management/safety-perceptions-in-public-spaces-8Htfz

Podcast guest

Väkevä voima –podcast, 18.8.2020 – https://www.supla.fi/audio/3668328

Onnellisten maa? -podcastsarja – https://areena.yle.fi/audio/1-50883202

Havaintoja ihmisestä -ohjelma
– Onnellisuusnaamion avulla näyttelemme onnellista – https://areena.yle.fi/audio/1-50716639
– Onnellisuus on uusi duuni – https://areena.yle.fi/audio/1-50761023

Isot tunteet -podcast – https://podtail.com/en/podcast/psykologiaa-ja-kaikenlaista/isot-tunteet-onnellisuus-ilona-suojanen-sinnu-42/

Hyvinvoinnin tulevaisuus –podcast – https://play.acast.com/s/mielenterveyden-tulevaisuus/d71b0aa0-58fe-4999-9187-1e662ac34370

Public dissemination